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No Need to Be List-less

No Need to Be List-less

Many moons ago, long before Siri or Alexa, I often found myself awake in the middle of the night with a maelstrom of thoughts preventing me from the remainder of a good night’s sleep. “Don’t forget to let the cat out”, “Did I wash the sport’s kit?”, and “I must call Debbie about lunch” are typical of the insignificant matters that simply wouldn’t let go of my clearly over saturated brain.


I mentioned this to a friend, and she said that she used to have exactly the same problem until she put a notebook and pencil beside the bed. As soon as some trivial thought or problem popped up, she would jot it down. The very fact that these annoyances were transferred from brain to paper meant that she no longer had to think about them, and she could snuggle back down in the arms of Morpheus. Of course, I tried it and of course, it worked.


However, in our modern world many of us have electronic devices that can remind us of anything from Uncle Bob’s birthday to how many steps we’ve taken today.


That being said there is still an awful lot of mileage left in a good old-fashioned list.


Whether it is a simple “to do” list or a more aesthetic “personal goals” list they can be surprisingly therapeutic.


I’m sure we all look at our homes and notice things that we would like to change, how we would like to organize or re-organize furniture and possessions or suddenly to having a flash of inspiration as to a new colour palette we would like to add.


Writing these things down in a list format makes the potential to actually get them done much more of a reality because even if there is no rush or necessity you’ve committed to them and there they are in black and white or blue and pink…your choice of stationery is completely up to you.


Your list for personal goals can have an even more beneficial effect.


You may wish to lose 10 pounds, complete a 5-mile run, declutter your wardrobe or house, do a charitable act or even learn a new language. Just imagine the feeling of wellbeing when you put a check in each one of those boxes. It’s real achievement, sense of pride and your own little “pat on the back”. You will never get that feeling from your smart speaker.


Make no mistake I love my gadgets, let’s be honest I-phones and tablets are pretty cool but sometimes going “old school” is just so darn satisfying.