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Ordinat Home’s 5 Tips to Put Organizing into Action

Ordinat Home’s 5 Tips to Put Organizing into Action

If you’ve ever drooled over those picture-perfect homes on Pinterest, or lusted over the neat and tidy offices on Instagram, or binged on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you’re in the right place. Rearranging, organizing, tidying, and decluttering our living and workspaces has never been more popular!


Not many people like to admit it but mess and clutter happen to the best of us. Yet, few things in life are more satisfying than entering a perfectly organized home. It calms the mind and makes us more productive. So we’ve brought you 5 REAL actionable tips that you can use today to get your house looking like a home.


1. Focus on ONE thing at a Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to organize the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage, and den with the snap of your fingers like Mary Poppins? Well, unfortunately, that won’t happen. Neat and tidy homes can only be achieved by working methodically. Ordinat Home #1 tip is to focus on one area for one week and then move on to a new area. For example, if you’d like to have a more productive morning hang up everything the night before. The next day you’ll be able to breeze out the door coffee in hand ready for business.


Pro-Tip: Use the Paxton Hall Tree in your room, to hang up your laptop bag, suit jacket, and even a freshly ironed shirt. Store your dress shoes below so you can find everything with ease!

Ordinat Home’s 5 Tips to Put Organizing into Action

2. Put Things Away As you Go

If you’re blessed to naturally put things back in their place then skip to the next tip, if NOT keep reading. Just because you’ve self-diagnosed as ADD or labeled yourself a scatterbrain, there is no need to give up on a tidy space. Train your mind and your hands to put things back in the same spot you took them from!


After your morning latte, rinse out your cup and put it back in the cabinet. Or when you come home from workplace your keys on your catchall table or back inside your purse. Books and magazines should be tidied away in a magazine holder and not left scattered on your coffee table or sofa. No need to waste time looking for things if they’re in the right place!


3. Make a List of Chores

Boring, we know. However, with a list, you can enlist other family members to help keep your home calm and clutter-free. Write down all the chores on a blackboard or whiteboard so everyone can see what jobs they have. E.g vacuum the floors, empty the dishwasher or take out the dog for a walk. With a list of chores, you’re going to feel a lot more productive and balanced even when juggling work and family life. Once you get into a routine and rhythm, your life will be much easier, happier, and more relaxed.


Pro-Tip: Once a job is completed allow yourself or a family member to check it off the list. Seeing the checkmarks at the end of the day offers a sense of accomplishment.


4. A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

Do your belongings seem to float from one room to another, or perhaps you simply feel overwhelmed? It may be because you don’t have the correct storage solutions to make things neat and tidy. The SECRET to having an organized space is giving every item a proper home.


To do this you will need to purchase extra storage solutions. For example, the Aubrey coat stand lets you store wet jackets and coats, as well as umbrellas. Cute storage baskets are ideal for things like remote controls, cables, and other gaming devices. Cube drawer organizers make sure your stuff doesn’t get jumbled together, or use Mason Jars to get your pantry in order.


Pro-Tip: Rome wasn’t built in a day, refer to tip #1 of focusing on one thing at a time. Once your home is organized your mind will feel clear and you’ll have a lot more clarity in your life.


5. Simplify Your Life

Whether you’ve spent the last few years in a college dorm, or a house in the suburbs. Chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t use anymore. Shoes, coats, bags, gadgets, whatzits, and thingamabobs. It’s time to simplify your life. Here’s what to do; go through your stuff ( one closet at a time) and make three piles – Donate, Sell, or Trash! Be ruthless about the things you use and the things you’re hanging onto for sentimental reasons. Pro-Tip – Find a local donation center or thrift shop whose affiliations best align with your values. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and many other organizations will be very happy to take your discarded items.


The rule of simplifying your life can also apply to your work/office space.Unsubscribe from magazines you no longer want to receive.Request to be removed from paper mailing lists and sign up for email newsletters instead. Switch your bills and bank notifications to paperless billing.


We hope you enjoyed our 5 actionable organization tips!


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