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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself?

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself?

Fall really is the politest of seasons. Unlike winter that comes kicking and screaming with its thunder and lightning, hailstones and snow falls demanding to be noticed. Fall gently taps on your window just to announce its arrival. Of course, if you live in Florida or Southern California you probably haven’t the vaguest idea of what I speak but bear with me anyway.


It seems only yesterday you were planning what to barbecue on the weekend, whereas now the idea of balancing a burger, salad and soda doesn’t have quite the same appeal. And yet you are still not quite ready to consult the “How to Make Hearty Soups” cookbook.


In fact, Fall doesn’t really make very much noise at all until Halloween, when (excuse the pun) all hell breaks loose. Nevertheless, allowing for Jack O Lanterns, pumpkin Lattes and sugar fuelled hyper-kids this is the season that is all about “hygge”.


In case you didn’t know hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is not a shelving unit from Ikea but a Danish word with a literal translation of “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing”.


Obviously, nobody would redecorate their home in line with all the seasonal changes, but this doesn’t mean that the overall feel of your home décor shouldn’t take on an autumnal accent. The earlier evenings are a good excuse to light those scented candles. Try pastel bulbs in the light-stands or a simple darker lampshade to make a warm glow. Some burnt orange or mulberry cushions and a toning throw can make the sofa look even more inviting. A few little touches can really make your home feel seasonally on point.


Imagine how you’d feel, if you made a few of those changes, stepping out of the drizzle and chilly air into your hall or foyer. The slightly damp umbrella dropped into its stand, the coat hung up and hat placed neatly away all in one place. The place being the stunning Aubrey coat rack. Divested of the outdoor world you snuggle into that warm welcoming sofa and bask in that pastel glow, maybe add a hot chocolate and a couple of marshmallows… that’s hygge.

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself?