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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

There is no denying that it’s a great big wonderful world out there. So many exotic locations, an abundance of historical and heritage landmarks, not to mention dozens of theme parks and resorts that can take your breath away. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season rapidly approaching you may already be planning your next big getaway… but before you do just consider this. Flights will be more expensive and airport check-ins will all have horrendous lines plus obligatory security checks.


Freeways in the direction of anywhere even half interesting will have tailbacks that will try the patience of a saint. Oh! And don’t get me started on theme parks or resorts where you could spend two hours waiting for a five-minute ride or a thirty second slide down a water chute.


Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not advocating that you shouldn’t do any of the above, in fact we all know that travel broadens the mind but just for a change why not try a “staycation”?


Just consider the pros: No stressful travel, drastically reduced expense, a timetable to suit yourself and the opportunity to do things at home that your busy schedule probably doesn’t allow. What about the cons? I don’t think there are any!


“But I’ve got kids, how am I gonna keep them occupied?”


If your children are pre-teenage there are bound to be local clubs and events where they can interact with others and maybe even learn something fun or improve their baseball or soccer skills. Arrange sleep overs with other Moms to give you extra down time or raid the local craft store and spend time together creating fun pieces of art, seasonal decorations or greetings cards. It might even give you a chance to get a little better at Mario Kart or Minecraft. If you have teenagers, you know they don’t really want to spend time with you anyway.


If, however, offspring are not an issue then a staycation can really deliver.


Take advantage of the local spa, pamper yourself. Everything from a “mani/pedi” to a full body massage is bound to be available…and probably at half the cost of a resort.


Spend some time on wellness. If you haven’t tried yoga or Pilates this can be your opportunity to kick-start a regime.


Settle down with that box set or book everyone raved about, but you never had the time to enjoy.


Of course, one big advantage of the staycation is the opportunity to finally declutter and organize your home. You probably loved the idea but kept procrastinating ‘cos it seemed such a major task but with all that extra time on your hands you can do it in stages.


By the time your holiday is over you could have a more welcoming home, a relaxed state of mind and feel physically fitter than you have in ages.


The final benefit from your first staycation is that with all that money you saved you can now afford to book the Bahamas or Paris for your next break.