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The Full Package

The Full Package

The chances are you didn’t wake up this morning with packaging uppermost in your mind, however there is no question that you will be aware of it throughout the course of the day.


Packaging is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising which is no wonder that corporations worldwide spend a small fortune on branding that they hope will appeal to the consumer.


Think of the iconic logos that are ubiquitous wherever you may live… the Golden Arches of McDonalds, the Mermaid on Starbucks and especially the swoosh on the Amazon packaging that looks like a smile-trust me that smile is not there by accident.


Then there is the packaging that creates an aspirational emotion. The baby blue of Tiffany, sumptuous red and gold of Cartier or even the simplicity of the “little” “medium” or “big” brown bags of Bloomingdales.


Simply put packaging should impart the message of “what you see, is what you get”.
This is precisely why, here at OrdinatHome, we employed international brand consultants Amino Creates to create packaging designs that complement the clean simple lines of our products like the Aubrey and Paxton Coat and Clothes racks. Our packaging is predominantly natural but with just a subtle accent of the colours of our company logo.


We are also pleased that our packaging can easily be “up-cycled” to be re-used in your home.


Of course, we don’t expect you display our box as a feature in your beautiful habitat but if you are follower of Marie Kondo and are keen to declutter they offer a decent size storage solution for some of the knick-knacks you no longer want to display or why not cover in some child friendly paper and use them as small toy tidy in the bedroom or nursery.


As long as you love our products we are very happy and of course what you do with our packaging is completely up to you but if you decide to dispose of it please be kind to our planet and recycle.