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Tidy Home - Tidy Life

Tidy Home – Tidy Life

Let’s be honest unless you are Marie Kondo the idea of totally tidying your home is probably not right up there with date night or a weekend mini break, however there is a good case to be made for a little Kondo fandom.


How many of us have a shelving unit crammed with knick-knacks that have been collected over the years that were once fun and “cutesy” but are now drawing attention away from a truly beautiful piece that should really be the focus of attention?


And what about the times you delve into the wardrobe to find a special blouse or pair of jeans and you just can’t find them amidst the other 20 blouses or jeans that you haven’t worn for over two years?


Taking the above into account it does make you think… “wouldn’t my home look better and easier to maintain if I did declutter?”


The Kondo mantra is to only maintain possessions that “spark joy”. If you touch them and look at them and you feel warm and positive to them then they belong in your life.


Of course, some of us like to collect “things”, be it antique thimbles or comic books, art -deco glassware or trading cards that do spark joy and as long as they can be displayed and stored in a way that gives you pleasure then why not? However, that beggars the question “a place for everything and everything in its place?”


One of the areas that is not only prone to clutter but also hard to organize is our entrance hall. Whether you live in a house or apartment this is where we hang our coats and jackets, remove our outdoor shoes or leave our wet umbrellas.


The perfect (and stylish) solution for home or office is the Aubrey umbrella coat stand.

Tidy Home - Tidy Life

Easy to assemble in minutes without tools. You can be organized in an instant.


With a sturdy base and finished in rust resistant black matte it can hold all your coats, jackets or sweaters. The removable drip tray ensures that your umbrellas get dry without soaking your floor and most important of all…less clutter in your home.