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Well, Well...It’s The Weekend

Well, Well…It’s The Weekend

With ever busier lives, Monday to Friday can sometime feel like a commitment to cramming 25hrs into every 24hr day!


You know that feeling when you walk in the front door after another day at the “coalface”, all you want to do is kick off your shoes collapse into the sofa and eat the easiest, tastiest thing that you know you really shouldn’t but….”what the heck”. Moreover, the very idea of exercise fills you with dread.


Of course, you can always soothe your conscience that on the weekend you’ll smash it at the gym, catch up on the chores and eat nothing but kale and quinoa and drink only Fiji water. However, if we’re going to be honest the weekend will probably involve as much sleep as possible, spending time with your friends at a bar or restaurant plus catching up on that movie that everybody is talking about.


Instead of leaving it to chance why not plan a proper wellness weekend?


City breaks so often involve the kind of self indulgence that culminate with a loosening of the belt and feeling just a tad guilty, but how about the opportunity to really recharge the battery and feel ever so slightly smug about having a great time but feeling better than you did on Thursday.


I’ve decided to give you some options on the two most exciting destinations we have to offer… the sun-drenched West Coast and the vibrant buzz of NYC.

Well, Well...It’s The Weekend

There’s no reason why wellness shouldn’t be luxurious so why not book a Friday and Saturday at the glorious Shutters Hotel which is situated right on the beach in Santa Monica. Just breathing in that ocean spray from the Pacific is enough to lift the spirits but this destination has a lot more to offer.


They have a lavishly appointed techno-gym offering a choice of equipment that would satisfy the most hard-core gym bunny or those looking for a leisurely work out. But we know that getting up a sweat is one thing, but nothing beats the indulgency of a special spa to really make your skin glow and body tingle.


The ONE spa at Shutters is the only one in the area offering products and luxury treatments designed by Kerstin Florian and Omorovicza. Their range of treatments and therapies are unsurpassed, and the list is almost endless.


However, let’s not forget that we are right on the beach which has its own very special opportunities for you to experience apart from just a refreshing dip in the “briny”.


There are surf instructors on hand to help you get in touch with your inner Beach Boy…or Gal, plus paddle tennis, volleyball or even yoga on the sand. And if all that isn’t enough there is the Malibu to Manhattan Beach bike path.


Of course, it would be a travesty if after all your exertions you didn’t sample at least one dinner in this unique setting and fortunately there are three restaurants to choose from including the Pico which is fine dining under the direction of Michelin starred chef David Almany.

Well, Well...It’s The Weekend

Being L.A. you’ll have no problem finding healthy organic food and drinks on every street corner, but if you want to be organic (even gluten-free) but a little more traditional you really should try Pono Burger at 829 Broadway. Voted in the top 5 burger restaurants in Los Angeles it will make a really satisfying alternative to fine dining.

Well, Well...It’s The Weekend

For the Sunday of your California break why not take a little drive up the coast road and visit Ojai. About 55 miles from Santa Monica this picturesque town has a lot going for it. The Rose Valley Falls Trail involves a gentle quarter mile hike up a very moderate hill. At the top of which you will witness the most beautiful waterfall covered in icicles.


In the late afternoon visit the Topa Mountain Winery for a tasting surrounded by the vines and witness a glorious sunset before venturing back to town for a final dinner. There are dozens of restaurants that cater for your every whim so just decide on a cuisine and go for it. You will have to book your hotel for your last night, however you cannot go wrong by making a reservation at the Ojai Retreat and Inn. A beautiful location. Lovely rooms and reasonable prices…including breakfast which you will probably need to fire you up for your return home.