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Workspace...Nice Place

Workspace…Nice Place

The ultimate goal for most work environments is to have the paperless office. Nice concept and probably achievable in theory but we still have contracts, local government documents and utilities that still find it necessary to bombard us with paper. Consequently, we still have photo copiers, shredding machines, wastepaper baskets, filing cabinets, in/out trays and probably a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t thought of.


To further frustrate the minimalist state of mind, all that paper means that you will also have to have at hand, pens, pencils, staplers, high lighters, paper clips and – ugh! – more paper. And, if all that isn’t enough to drive your inner Marie Kondo to drink, don’t forget the cables, flash drives, phone chargers and other electrical doodads that you can’t possible live without, that are stuffed aimlessly in your desk drawers.


With more and more people either working from home full-time or part home-part office it is really worth considering organizing the place you spend eight or more hours a day into a much more friendly, stimulating and spiritually satisfying environment.


In exactly the same way that you would declutter you living space, only keep things on your desk that feel you with joy.


Apart from your PC or laptop, mouse and mouse pad do you really need the bobble head Elvis or the moving Hula girl that Rick and Shirley bought back from vacation? Is that generic calendar required when you have a perfectly good one in your computer or phone? If you really need to keep a stapler, hole punch, pens and pencils readily available invest in some fun colours that suit your style and let them be a feature rather than an eyesore.


Importantly, keep pictures of family and loved ones that make you smile and maybe even an attractive house plant that brings a little bit of outside indoors and will have a calming effect.


Last and by no means least, take some time out- and it may well take some time- to clear that enormous cache of unread or unwanted emails. You will be amazed how happy you’ll feel when you lose that “1407” unread messages tag.


As a finishing touch you may want to add a scented diffuser but if you do work in an office make sure your colleagues approve of the smell.


As you can that see with a little thought and not too much effort you can make your office workspace a nice place to live…well for eight hours a day.